Meeting all your skilled and unskilled workforce needs.



For all your staffing needs.

We have a database of employees in all sectors who are interested in a temp position therefore they will be immediately available to join your workforce. We do the search for the employees you need. The period varies according to your requirements. We eliminate all that extra work needed to search, interview and register an employee. We do all the work ourselves. The only task you have is to train the person and make him feel at ease within your organisation.

Employing people is time-consuming and in today’s world sometimes the time is not available. We have been leaders in the market because we gained enough experience after being entrusted by various organisations around Malta and Gozo. We don’t just assign employees to an organisation, we meet the available candidates, explain the vacancy and review the individuals to make sure they fit in within the organisation’s culture.

When an individual joins an organisation one has to build a relationship with the employer and the people the person works closely to. The employer has to make the individual feels at home for him to open up with the rest of the team. We don’t just assign a person to an organisation we follow up to make sure the persons are fitting in nicely and are doing the tasks assigned to them properly.

Popular Requests

Clerical Officer

Factory Operator

Inspection Agent

Technical Electrician

Store Assistant

Warehouse Keeper



Cut costs and improve output.

Outsourcing is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage in a number of ways.

  • 1. Reduce employment costs.
  • 2. Allow businesses to scale their operations faster.
  • 3.Free internal resources for the business' value adding processes.
  • 4. Increase efficiency for time consuming activities.
  • 5. Enables a pay-as-you go employment plan.

Employing individuals isn’t an easy task. Let Inpsectra's dedicated staff network empower your business.