Quality Control

Malta's largest third-party quality control and sorting enterprise.



Inspectra's foundational service.

Inspectra is committed to providing exceptional service, effective project management and outstanding customer service. It is our objective to meet and where appropriate exceed our customer’s specifications. This includes identifying, meeting and exceeding any relevant industry-specific regulations or standards.

240 Inspectra inspectors manually inspect materials of unfinished manufactured components, while many carry out regular inspection work on our clients’ premises. Before being allowed to work on a client’s product on their own, all employees undergo an accreditation process according to our meticulous Quality Management Systems.

Inspectra's sorting and quality control services are in use at every level of the manufacturing process to ensure your clients receive defect-free shipments. This service is heralded by highly technical and seasoned veterans with decades of experience in the Manufacturing industry. Inspectra prides itself on protecting our customer's relationship with their clients and ultimately saving them money.

Core Competencies

  • Inspection of product and disposition of items with visual defects
  • Quality Control on your premises using our trained inspectors
  • Quality Control on components or materials at any stage of production
  • Assurance and testing of your products to a specification
  • Sub-assembly work
  • Rework of returned materials or finished product after sorting
  • Labelling or packaging of product
  • Testing and assembly



Inspection, engineering, manufacturing and sorting.

Typically, the process adopted by Inspectra for quality control and sorting operations is as follows:

  • 1. Liase with you to distinguish between the to-specification and substandard components.
  • 2. Develop specifications based on data derived from previous step.
  • 3. Formalize the operational logistics and task duration of the task.
  • 4. Inform you of the costs, followed by receipt of your approval.
  • 5. Train our personnel on this specific task and certify their capability to your specfications.
  • 7. Commencement of inspection or sorting work.
  • 8. Delivery of finished product to you or your customer.