Inspectra Ltd

The manufacturing industry is in a perennial struggle to reduce costs. Too often, a significant proportion of your activities do not add value to your finished product. These activities are imposed on your business, either by clients or by the business’s external failures like rejects, defective materials from suppliers or by internally generated scrap.

Every time an organisation has to inspect, sort or re-work such materials, its work-force and management are detracted from the company’s core competence – the manufacture of high quality products.

Inspectra offers high quality inspection, testing, sorting, calibration and sub-assembly services to local and overseas manufacturers for their raw materials, work-in-process and finished product at lower costs on an on-call, 24-hour basis. These specialist inspection services are ISO9001:2008-certified, providing you with a variable cost of labour which saves on your fixed costs for the product inspected.